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  • No1 : Asias’s Largest Crusing Capacity Co.Op. Sugar Factory
P.O.Sardar Baug,Baben,


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 (fax) 02622 220443

About US

            BARDOLI, though a small town in Surat District of Gujarat, has a pride of place in the history of India’s freedom movement. It is here in 1922 that the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi started his historic non-violent Satyagraha struggle against the mighty British Rule in India that ultimately led to attainment of the country’s independence in August, 1947. Bardoli is also the Karmabhumi of India’s great leaders like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – the Ironman of India and his illustrious brother late Sir V. J. Patel who was for many years the speakers of Central Legislative Assembly before independence, loved & feared by both his friends and adversaries.

            In the past independence period, Bardoli created another history by establishing the first farmer’s co.operative sugar factory in Gujarat, in fact the first ever sugar factory in Gujarat in 1955-56 named Shree Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd., Bardoli In this great endeavor the self less services of Dr. Dayarambhai Kunvarji Patel, a worthy son of this sacred soil, has been remembered with gratitude by the farmers of Gujarat as also by leaders of co-operative movement throughout the country. Dr. Dayarambhai Patel was not only one of its promoters, but also the Managing Director of the Cooperative factory ever since its inception. The success story of Bardoli Sugar Factory is indeed a glowing tribute to this man of vision and action.

            Shree Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd. located at Baben-Bardoli is the first sugar factory started in co-operative sector in Gujarat in the year 1955. The society is largest Cooperative sugar factory in Asia. The society was started with 850 TCD(tons cane per day) crushing & presently the capacity of the plant is 10000 TCD.

Our sugar factory brief details.

Established (Registered) on, 9th February, 1955
First crushing Season 1956-57
Starting Date 21.04.1957
Initial Crushing Capacity 850 TCD
Initial Cost 47.5 Lakhs
Details of Expansion
Capacity Season/year
800 TCD    to  1200 TCD 1963-64
1200 TCD   to  1500 TCD 1968-70
1500 TCD   to  3000 TCD 1971-72
3000 TCD   to  5000 TCD 1975-76
5000 TCD   to 7000 TCD 1979-80
7000 TCD  to 10000 TCD 1992-93

Members share capital Rs.20.00 Lakhs
Government share capital Rs.10.00 Lakhs
I.F.C.I. LOAN Rs.47.50 Lakhs
Medium term loan Rs.10.50 Lakhs
Total Rs.88.00 Lakhs
Nos. of Members 5691
Share Capital 20.00 Lakhs (1956-57)
294.00 Lakhs (2015-16)
Annual Turnover 1.62 Crore (1956-57)
600 Crore (2015-16)
Silver Jubilee Year 1980
Golden Jubilee year 2005
Main Product White Crystal Sugar used as a sugar
(1) Molasses : Used in Distilleries, Cattle feed& Industries.
(2) Bagasse :  Used in Bio-fertilizers particle board mfg. as a raw material and Boiler fuel.
(3) Pressmud/ Biocompost :Used as manure by Farmer

            IFCI Loan was fully repaid within a short period of seven years i.e. by 1963& Term Loan was also fully repaid in stipulated time. The Government Share Capital was fully repaid in the year 1969. All members of the society are farmers basically engaged in sugarcane cultivation. Our total membership is 5684.

            Factory has successfully completed50 years crushing in the year 2005. The occasion was celebrated in the presence of distinguished guest, personalities of sugar industries .

            The sugar factory was commissioned in February, 1955. The plant was very old and big. Its initial crushing capacity was 850 per day. It was partly steam driven and partly electric driven. Hence, the board and executives of the society went on making additions and alternatives in plant continuously every year. According to technical priority of machineries and funds availability.

            The factory have its own most modern and well equipped Research station and also a Research farm of 50 acres is attached to the Research station, soil plant & manure analysis are being carried out in the Laboratory. Different types of fertilizers and insecticides are stocked and supplied to farmers at subsidized rates.

            The factory have started different project like Tissue culture project, Wormy compost project, Bio-compost project, Bio-pesticide Laboratory etc. to get more yield and sugar recovery and to minimize the pest problem . The factory is always keen interested to develop new promising sugarcane varieties. At present there are about 80 sugarcane varieties under trial since last three years . these new varieties were planted and multiplied in the different fields and we are observing the sugarcane yield as well as recovery by taking actual mill test in our factory . The bye-product viz. molasses and bagasse is being sold to distilleries, cattle feed, factories as well as paper plants respectively. The press mud is being sold to farmers members at nominal rate to use as a manure .

            The factory is taking almost care for its employees as housing facility, canteen facility, conveyance children of employee etc. are provide. The factory is generously contributing handsome amounts to educational institutions, social welfare institutions, medical institutions,etc. of this area for its development. Due to the development of this sugar factory in this region,the socioeconomic pattern of the rural area has dramatically improved.Approach roads have improved the communication with the interior areas and the living lifeof people of Bardoli and surrounding rural area is completely changed. We are proud to state that, Bardoli sugar factory has taken keen interest in promoting ascharity to Educational Institutes, Social Institutes & other institutes.